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Step-by-Step Guide

to Building in Shevlin West


Welcome to your online, step-by-step guide to the Design Guidelines, the Architectural Review Committee and the process in order to begin building at Shevlin West. You can download a copy of the Design Guidelines HERE.



Choose a Designer

Select a Design Professional to design your custom home. No, they do not need to be approved by the ARC. You may select whomever you desire.


Review the Design Guidelines

Please have your Design Professional, Builder and Landscape Professional read the Guidelines thoroughly to ensure they know what their perimeters are and what is allowed. The ARC does not need to approve builders or landscape designers. 


Pay ARC Review Fees

Per Section 4.2 of the Guidelines, a $3,000 non-refundable fee and a $2,000 refundable deposit are due at the time of Schematic Design. You must pay your fees in order to get your application reviewed. 


Apply for a Site Visit & Pre-Design Meeting

Click on the link to download the application, Appendix A. This is your chance to meet with an ARC member on-site with your designer to ask questions prior to submitting Schematic Design.


Prepare & Submit Schematic Design Review

Appendix B. Complete all of the information on the application. This requires an Owner's signature on page 15. Carefully read the instructions on pages 16-17 to find out what the ARC requires, where to bring plans and who to email them to.


Prepare & Submit Final Design Review

Appendix C. Complete all of the information on the application.  This requires an Owner's signature on page 19. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Carefully read the instructions on pages 20-22 to find out what the ARC requires, where to bring plans and who to email them to.


Obtain Final ARC Approval

Once the ARC has reviewed and approves the Final Plans, the ARC will email the Owner & Designer a formal and written ARC Approval and construction may begin per the approved plans (and also with a COB permit).


Apply for ARC Final Inspection

Appendix D. Complete the application and email it to Schedule a Final Inspection to confirm you built / installed what was approved and get your $2,000 refundable deposit back.


Construction (Section 8.0)

The ARC will make frequent visits to the construction site to ensure all submitted plans and the Guidelines are being followed. Please see Section 8.0 for Construction Regulations.

Below are some important tips for owners and professionals when putting submittals together. We have pulled these directly from the CC&Rs, Conditions of Approval and the Design Guidelines to help further highlight some items that are often missed.

We hope you find these to be helpful.


  • You are responsible for obtaining a site survey upon the purchasing of your lot. This is not provided to you and sometimes takes 2-3 weeks for an engineer to prepare, so request one early.  

  • Your color board is due at Final Design, so you must make your exterior selections by then. Start early. 

  • There is one fence option in Shevlin West, but Owners are responsible for submitting a stain color for ARC review and approval. 

  • You can move your driveway apron at your own expense with City of Bend approval. 

  • We can hold a virtual Pre-Design meeting to account for impacts of COVID-19.


  • Shevlin West is zoned RL. Setbacks are 20ft front, 10ft sides and 20ft rear. Special setbacks apply to corner lots. See COB code HERE.

  • Standard building envelope coverage in RL is 35%. Shevlin West was granted a variance for a 42% building coverage. 

  • You will need to work with the builder to determine info and placement on the Construction Plan.

  • Sidewalks are Owner responsibility if not constructed at the time of purchase. Sidewalks are property tight in most cases. Cul de sacs may have curb tight sidewalks. 


  • Only front landscaping is required at Shevlin West.

  • Landscape plans must be submitted in color. Black and white plans will not be accepted. 

  • There are no Fire-wise restrictions in Shevlin West and no Plant List to work within. 

  • Recreational equipment, including but not limited to: trampolines, basketball hoops, sport courts and play structures require ARC review and approval. 
  • Owners are responsible for installing and irrigating street trees with lawn. Species are pre-determined and shown HERE. Street trees/lawn must be shown on the plan.
  • ALL exterior lighting must be Dark Sky compliant. See Section 6.10.

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